CPS to Form Interim LSDMC to Interview Principal for CANS

October 29, 2018

It’s an exciting time in the establishment of the Clifton Area Neighborhood School: time for an Interim LSDMC to meet and prepare to interview candidates for the position of principal of the new school.

LSDMCs, or Local School Decision Making Committees, are established according to the CPS Board of Education Board Policy. Each school community is represented by an LSDMC.

Representatives to the LSDMC will be selected by the CANS parent organization, Cincinnati Federation of Teachers, non-CFT employee representatives, and a community representative selected by each of the three neighborhoods that are part of the Clifton Area Neighborhood School – CUF, Clifton and Spring Grove Village.

The Interim LSDMC will be created prior to December 21, 2018 for the expressed purpose of creating questions for principal candidates and interviewing those candidates only.

For more information about the Interim LSDMC process, please contact Lauren Worley or Sheila Hess at CPS at (513) 363-0020 or via email.