Get Involved

Families are Embraced

By staying engaged in your child's progress or volunteering your time and talents, you are helping to support and strengthen our community, teaching our children the value of giving back, and modeling personal growth and how one contributes to community and society. Learn more about how to get involved with CPS schools.

Clifton Area Neighborhood School Advisory Group

The Clifton Area Neighborhood School is led, in part, by the CANS Advisory Group, a coalition of volunteers committed to the new school’s success. We are looking for parents of potential new students and community members who are motivated to make the Clifton Area Neighborhood School one of the top schools in the region. 

To get involved, please contact the CANS Advisory Group via email.

Family Involvement

Families can begin encouraging the education of their children by showing that they truly value education and respect the staff at their student's school.

Some of the ways that parents, caregivers and grandparents can become involved are:

  • Helping your child with homework, especially reading together
  • Joining committees that help decide school issues
  • Giving time to the school, classroom or library

Security Badges and Background Checks

To assure the safety of students and staff, Cincinnati Public Schools requires security badges for anyone entering CPS' buildings. One-time visitors receive a temporary security badge from the front office. Individuals who visit our buildings on a regular basis, such as volunteers, must obtain a security badge and wear it at all times in our buildings. Learn more about how to obtain a security badge.